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Norma & Roger Wiles live in the cool and beautiful North Georgia mountains, between Blairsville and Blue Ridge.  The area is a moto-mecca, with 3-season+ riding weather, endless miles of paved and unpaved roadways teeming with advuenture, scenic beauty and unspoiled slow-living. 

See "Norma's Page" to learn more about Norma Faye and her interest; you can visit "Roger's Page" to learn more about what he's about.

Presently, our home in Blairsville is for sale, and the following pages show various features that may interest prospective buyers. 



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We are located at:

9223 Hill Street

Blairsvile GA 01512

706.835.1260 (H)

706.835.7316 (Norma W/L)

706.897.8266 (Roger W/L)

706.835.1537 (FAX)